"What is moringa oil good for?"

Moringa Oil for face

  • Moringa oil, because of its high level of oleic acid (a key essential fatty acid) makes a superior emollient, that is to say, it pacifies dry skin. It can also help irritated skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

  • Acne – Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, moringa seed oil can be used as a spot treatment for acne. It is best used with a drop or two of tea tree oil, which also has powerful antimicrobial properties.

  • Anti-Ageing – Regular application of moringa oil reduces the striking appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on the skin It can be combined with an astringent product like aloe vera or witch hazel to make saggy skin taut.

Moringa oil for body

  • Moringa oil can be applied on scars left behind by wounds, scrapes, bruises and burns. Moringa oil mixed with tamanu oil for example is a powerful scar diminishing formula. 
  • Moringa oil makes a nice rheumatic oil. It can be applied to sore, painful joints directly or as an oil pack. It is said to be effective at reducing swelling and inflammation that cause painful joints. 
  • Moringa oil is one of the best natural perfume base of all oils. Moringa oil was preferred by people of ancient civilisations as a base for perfumes as it is adept at absorbing the aroma of essential oils and other fragrant compounds.   

    Moringa oil for hair

    • Moringa oil is just as good for the hair as it is for the skin. It strengthens the hair roots and can help with hair loss. Because it is light you are less likely to be left with the greasy feel you might get with other oils.

    • Moringa oil is a powerful hair conditioner. As a conditioner it can leave hair manageable and easy to comb. It adds a gloss to the hair, making it look strong and healthy. Moringa oil also strengthens the roots and as such can help with hair loss. It nourishes weak, damaged hair and reduces its lifelessness.  It can be used as a hot oil conditioner to deal with nearly any hair related problem. A hot oil treatment leaves the hair well moisturized, the hair roots nourished, dandruff washed out and much less irritation to the scalp. 

    • Moringa oil is most suitable for clean, dry hair that is wavy, curly, coily, thick or chemically/heat processed. There are several reasons why your hair type might change over time, over processing, lifestyle and diet change, hormonal changes or aging. For example, grey hair can be drier and more course than the other hair on your head. Some hydration may be of use in such cases. Different textures can exist on one head!

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    "Where does moringa oil come from?"

    Moringa oil comes from the seeds of the Moringa Oleifera tree. The Moringa Oleifera tree is native to many of the hottest parts of the world especially in Africa and South Eastern Asia but it can also be found in Australia and the United States of America.

    PureRooted's pure Moringa Oil is from Malawi in East Africa. Our oil is from the Moringa Mutual Trust, grown by small scale community-based farming enterprises in Malawi, where both women’s groups, farmers and communities come together to participate in the cultivation of the moringa products. Ethical sourcing is a key part of our brand mission

    PureRooted is a UK brand, based in London. All of our products are packed, packaged or mixed in the UK. We are the best place for moringa oil UK. 


    "How is moringa oil made?"

    PureRooted's Moringa oil is extracted from seeds contained in the pods of the moringa oleifera tree using specialised machinery and the cold-pressed method. Seeds give up to 40% of oil. It is completely unrefined and unadulterated, that is to say, not mixed with any other oils or any synthetic substances.



    "What is the benefit of cold pressed moringa seed oil over refined moringa seed oil?"

    Moringa oil can be extracted by the cold-pressed method, using a solvent or heating the pulp from moringa seeds at high temperature. With the latter method, temperatures of up to 230 degrees centigrade can alter the properties of the molecules in the oil and strip it of much of its nutritional value. Cold pressing the seeds to produce the oil retains the nutritional value and leaves the beneficiary composition unaltered. This also means that the oil doesn’t contain harmful solvents.

    For this reason, refined moringa oil can not pack as powerful a punch as raw cold-pressed moringa oil. PureRooted is proud to bring you cold-pressed moringa oil of the highest quality.



    "How can I use moringa oil on my face?"

    Moringa oil makes a fantastic face oil, leaving you with soft, supple skin and helping to fight fine lines and skin discolouration such as age spots. Its antioxidant properties make it superior at fighting free radicals, protecting your face from daily pollutive elements. It can be used with all skin types but is most suitable for normal or combination to dry skin types and sensitive skin due to anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties.


    Ensuring your face and your hands are clean, use a drop or 2 on each of the first and middle fingers of one hand and rub your hands together. Don't overdo it! Although moringa oil is fast-absorbing, it is better to apply too little and re-apply than to smother your face with oil. Start with the under eyes – the oil contains anti-inflammatory flavonoids so great for combatting puffiness. and work upwards and outwards on the forehead and cover your eyelids (being careful not to get any into your eyes). Next work upwards and outwards on the cheeks, followed by the jawline and the chin.

    Use only at night if your skin is on the oily side, night time is best for skin regeneration. Use morning and night for normal to dry skin and drier skins may benefit from reapplication during the day as well, but only on a clean face and with clean fingers.

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    "Is moringa oil comedogenic? Will it give me pimples?"

    Comedogenic oils tend to block the pores of the skin, causing pimples and blackheads. Moringa oil is a lightweight oil that is easily absorbed and will not clog the pores of most people. Moringa oil is known in some parts of the world as ben oil, (known for its moisturising and emollient properties) due to the high level of behenic acid that it contains. Behenic acid is a long chain fatty acid that is non-comedogenic. As a comparison, it has a lighter comedogenic profile than oils like coconut or olive oil.

    Bear in mind however that everyone is unique and what works for you may not work as well for your friend. There are also many other factors to consider in the clogging of pores, including genetics, lifestyle, the food you eat, water intake and the environment.


    "Is moringa oil good for stretch marks?"

    Yes it is! With regular, gentle exfoliation moringa oil can minimise the appearance of stretch marks. Stretchmarks occur naturally and can be difficult to get rid of. Increasing your skin's elasticity can help to prevent these marks. Moringa is high in antioxidants such as vitamins C, E and flavonoids, which all contribute to supporting the formation of collagen and elastin that improve the skins flexibility, improve the tension of the skin and promote wound healing. They also work to improve the overall skin appearance, softness and even the skin tone. 


    "What colour is moringa oil?"

    PureRooted's moringa oil is pure and cold-pressed, giving it a light golden colour.


    "What does moringa oil smell like?"

    PureRooted's moringa oil has a light woody smell. It is very neutral. Moringa oil can absorb the aroma of essential oils and other fragrant compounds.


    "Does moringa oil go rancid?"

    Moringa oil is a stable dry oil with a long shelf life. It is often used to extend the shelf life of other oils and of food. However, you should keep it in a cool place and away from direct sunlight to keep from altering its beneficial composition in any way.


    "Does moringa oil solidify?"  

    Moringa oil can be partially solid at room temperature but this will take the form of a slightly cloudy appearance as opposed to forming a solid mass like coconut oil.


    "Are PureRooted's products vegan?"

    PureRooted's moringa oil is indeed vegan, as is the refreshing Moringa and Mint Tea. Our moisturising Moringa Beauty Balms currently contain beeswax but we have a vegan version of the balms in production and we look forward to being able to offer it soon.
    All of our products are also free of synthetics of any kind, and made without cruelty to people or animals.