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MY SKIN TYPE - Moringa oil for skin

Moringa oil for skin

"I have oily skin, can I use moringa oil for skin?"

Can you use moringa oil for skin ? The skin produces sebum, its very own moisturiser. The job of sebum is to prevent the skin from drying out. Oily skin is characterised by the overproduction of sebum (oil) by your sebaceous (oil) glands. Over cleaning oily skin with harsh chemicals or excessive rubbing or scrubbing can over stimulate natural sebum production and cause skin to be even oilier as your skin tries to overcompensate for the drying out. Thorough but gentle cleansing of oily skin is recommended; see the oil cleansing method here. The oil cleansing method also provides gentle exfoliation, this is also important as it can help to improve the look and texture by reducing oiliness, pore size and getting rid of dead skin cells. Do not be tempted to ‘dry’ the skin out by not moisturising.

You can either be oily without water deficiency or oily with water deficiency. In the first case the skin is generally hydrated enough so it looks and feels oily and does not have the sensation of dryness, however in the second case the skin may look and feel oily but still have the sensation of dryness. In this case regulate your use of oils to cleansing only.

Good news though, with proper care oily skin is least likely of all the skin types to develop signs of premature ageing!

I have dry skin, can I use moringa oil for skin?

Dry skin results from under-active sebaceous glands, abnormal exfoliation of the surface cells and environmental factors. Sebum production also tends to decrease with age. This leads to the inability to retain moisture since oil on the surface of the skin acts as a natural barrier against moisture loss. Dry skin often feels scaly, rough and itchy. Environmental factors may degrade the skin and the older we get the more we need help keeping the outer layer of the skin hydrated. As the outer layer of the skin contains oils it is easier for oils and oil-based products to dissolve into your skin’s top barrier. Moringa oil produces a barrier affect, preventing loss of moisture and boosting the skin’s natural water-retention abilities. In addition, moringa oil is high in antioxidants, essential for delaying the damage caused by environmental factors. A good facial oil should be used at least once a day, more for dry or mature skin. Nourishing, hydrating masks are also great for dry skin and the addition of moringa oil to any clay mask is a great idea.

I have combination skin, can I use moringa oil?

It is possible to have oily, dry or normal skin types all at the same time, for example, normal cheeks with an oily t-zone or dry cheeks with a normal t-zone. Moringa oil contains a high level of ingredients that stimulate and repair the skin’s moisture retention capacity such as essential fatty acids and, although effective for all skin types, it is best for combination skin that is normal to dry.


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