Pure Cold-Pressed Unrefined Moringa Oil - 10ml

Pure Cold-Pressed Unrefined Moringa Oil - 10ml

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Pure Unadulterated Moringa Seed Oil


PureRooted's moringa seed oil is extracted from the seeds contained in the pods of the Moringa Oleifera tree. The oil is cold-pressed and contains no nasties, pure and natural, making it of the highest quality and a great addition to your natural skincare and haircare regime. We are a Moringa Oil UK retailer.

Moringa oil for face: Moringa seed oil can make any skin type soft and radiant but is most suitable for dry skin to combination skin. 

Moringa oil for hair: Moringa seed oil can encourage strength and growth of all hair types but is most suitable for wavy to curly hair (type 2 - 4). 

This lightweight, non-greasy oil is packed with essential fatty acids, anti-oxidants and more than 90 natural nutrients that keep the skin and hair nourished and healthy.  


Nothing but 100% cold-pressed moringa seed oil (and nature's love!). From Moringa Oleifera trees grown in Malawi and Ghana and packaged in the United Kingdom. Moringa Oil UK

Free from all additives, and cruelty free too. Vegan friendly.

Moisturiser: Pump a few drops into your hand, rub hands together or apply directly to skin, hair or cuticles for your required moisture hit of hydration and nourishment.

Add to other products: Just a few drops of potent Moringa Oil UK can be used as a carrier oil with your favourite essential oils or added to a clay mask as an emollient. 

Cleanser: Use as a makeup remover by gently rubbing Moringa oil into dry skin to allow it to dissolve the makeup and other impurities. For extra potency drench your soft bamboo face cloth in hot water, wring it out and place it flat on the face with your head back - providing a deep steam. Wash off with warm water and dab dry or wipe off with the damp face cloth. Splash face with cold water to close the pores.

Hair oil: Massage a few drops of lightweight moringa oil on your scalp for dry scalp relief and through the hair to make it smooth and manageable.  

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